Liana Environmental Consulting Ltd. (Liana) was established in 1999 by Dr. Ellen Woodley and Dr. Brent Tegler to apply their academic and practical experience in international development.  Ellen completed her PhD research on traditional ecological knowledge in the Solomon Islands and Brent completed his PhD research on desertification in Mali.  Ellen and Brent have lived more than ten years overseas in more than 15 countries and they worked on a wide range of human-environment issues that affect community livelihoods, such as fishing, logging, agriculture, urbanization, land rights, gender equity, youth engagement, education, land-use planning, protected areas and climate change.

 Liana is committed to participatory approaches to gender equitable development that builds on local knowledge with creative innovations to find sustainable solutions to complex social-environmental-economic interactions.  Climate change has emerged as a formidable hurdle for development and Liana now applies a “climate lens” to all project work to ensure the numerous cross-cutting dimensions of the impacts and potential solutions of climate change are considered.

 Liana has completed participatory evaluations and/or socio-ecological research work for the following clients: UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) Plan International, Bearing Point, CUSO-VSO, Heron Group, North-South Environmental, Terralingua, USAid, United States Department of Agriculture, Weidemann Associates, Winrock International, Farm Radio International, World Bank, UNEP and the FAO.

How we work

Liana Environmental is committed to working in partnerships, together with those who are affected by environmental and climate change.  We also recognize that social and environmental change can only occur when working towards gender equality.